Since 2000 we have been building a team of professionals that provides high quality and complex service in the area of solving interior and exterior lighting for cities and municipalities.



We are not part of light fitting supply chain. That's also why we place great emphasis on project's complxity and client's requirements. We are bearers of inovations in lighting and illuminating. We follow trends, strategies and inovations carefully. All while having our own opinion that we stand behind.

Professionality and interest

Professionality and interestof our team consisting of experts in fields such as design, development, implementation, maintenence of lighting, lighting technology and control engineering guarantees satisfaction of our customers.

Our goals

Our long-term goal is to provide specialized services in lightingsector. To provide trust and guarantee that our projects meet the high requirements of our clients and partnersin the life cycle of lighting. To secure long-term development and stability of services through the team of our co-workers


We dedicate great effort to objectivity and independence of information for business partners, architects, investors, administrators and self-governments about conditions and possibilities of improving quality and saving lighting. We participate in processes of making laws and legislations of lighting. We measure. We analyse. We confirm.


We lay emphasis on cooperation and communication with client, architects, builders, designers and professional project managers of constructions. We take responsibility for accuracy, function and sustainability of lighting

Our portfolio

A huge part of projects implementd by our company consists of illumination systems for cities, municipalities, flats, houses, restaurants, offices, multifunctional buildings, industries, as well as hotels, gardens, parks or illuminations of historical buildings and gardens


Our credo is to be bearer of inovation by using functional, complex and conceptual solutions with enviromental friendly impact and also to improve living, working and pastime quality.

Lighting made-to-measure

We follow the good light. Come wih us! We are interested in your opinion, your relation and your imagination of lighting. Your expactations are also very important. We advise, oriantate, visualize your imaginations. We are good in looking for the best way to reach succes, project and your satisfaction.