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Audit of energy, economy and lighting sustainability

AS A DESIGN AND CONSULTING COMPANY WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE OBJECTIVE INFORMATION FOR  INVESTORS, ADMINISTRATORS AND SELF-GOVERNMENTS ABOUT SITUATION AND RESISTUTION POSSIBILITIES OF LIGHTING EQUIPMENT -  audit of energy of lighting under the Act 476/2008 -  viability studies for public lighting reconstruction - technival consultations (technical solutions, economically, energy efficient light fixtures, geometry of system) -…
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Projects for cities and municipalities

Elaboration of studies and strategies or concepts of development public lighting and associated infrastructure Audits of public lighting and architectonical lighting for cities and municipalities Project documenttions for reconstruction realization and new construction of publiv ltghting in small or large range Lighting design and lighting projects of public monuments and cultural institutions Tender documentation of…
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Offer of thermovision measurement service

Offer of thermovision measurement service Evaluation of thermivision control happens in two levels: We provide thermovision measurements of switchgears, converter, wiring, LED lights and other devices and its components by using professional thermal imager, including elaboration of professional report. Immediate evaluation (on place)- professional worker identifies malfunction which appears by warming and by using thermal…
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Lighting design, design, concepts and studies

What is the lighting design? Art and at the same time scientifical discipline which design and implements lighting Lighting design is independet profession different from architects, interior designers, urbanists as well as electro and IT designers. Without cooperation with lighting designer the lighting is not feasible in full range. Who is the light designer ?…
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