Audit of energy, economy and lighting sustainability

Audit of energy, economy and lighting sustainability

-  audit of energy of lighting under the Act 476/2008

-  viability studies for public lighting reconstruction

- technival consultations (technical solutions, economically, energy efficient light fixtures, geometry of system)

- consultations by defining evaluation criteria of tender, evaluation of supplier selection

- supervision over implementation of investment plan and construction

- drafts for funding reconstruction of public lighting projects and financial analysis

- preparing the applications for projects funded by grant sources

- preparation of bases which are funded by commercial sources

- consultations by making business plans and investment plans

- consulting the preparations for public procurement

- operation and maintenance of public lighting

- consulting by closing the supply deals and contracts about operation and maintenance of public lighting

- Audit of lighting of public buildings and industrial enterprises

Energy audits are objective tools for planning and achieving energy and costs saving.

Energy audit is systematical process to get enough information about current state of technical devices and buildings inteded for using energy. It also serves to identify and draft cost-effective possibilities how to save energy. Under the term energy audit we understand the act, which goal is to get information about certain energy or lighting system. This information include for example data about way and efficiency of using energy with certain system. During the energy audit is important to define the greatness of energy losses, which results in energy saving potential, and leads to decrease adverse enviromental effects. We can state that energy audit represents objective analysis in production  and energy use with determination of maximum possible effect in the end. It is not enough to evaluate the purchase, transformation and distibution of all energies and devices, but we need also to review the whole system and suggest actions to reach cost optimalization of the whole operation and maintenance cycle. The result of energy audit is written report.


Legislative framework

Industrial audits under the  act NC SR n. 476/2008 Coll. about eficiency by using energy and the change and amendments under the act n.17/2007 Coll. concern industry and agricultural sector. The process by doing energy audit and content of written report is given by notice n. 429/2009 ME SR.

What kind of energy audit do we perform?

Complex energy audit
Includes the whole evaluation of purchase, transformation, suplly and consumption all energy media, assessment of the system, design the measures for cost-optimalization of cycle to secure reliability of its supply.

Purpose energy audit

Focus on the specific part (e.g. electricity consumption in lighting, electricity consumption in technology, compensation in electricity consumption, revaluation of price rates on energy media purchase etc.)

Specific energy audit

Focus on bases preparation for realization rationalization projects in utility area, includes draft of funding option.

Forms od energy audit


The goal of this audit is to perform review of energy system device(production,distribution frame, use of electricity)  in very short time (approx. 3 days) and after that fix the possibilities of energy saving.

Long-term (complex)


Presents detail evaluation of saving possibility based on detailed knowledge of using electrcity state. Into to the final solutions of realization we implement also long-term measures, which wouldn´t be solved. It means that using results included in audit i tis possible to create project for complex energetic rationalization e.g. lighting system, electric drives etc. Support tools for long-term energy audit is system of energy monitoring management, which can verify savings of realized energy saving measures.

Our energy auditors are on the file of auditors Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic:

Ing. Eduard Kačík n. decree :5484/2012-3200 n. certification 476/2008/0045

Ing. Richard Kačík n. decree: ----------------     n. certification 476/2008/0086

Lehoty prvého hodnotenia energetickej náročnosti v priemysle a poľnohospodárstve (termín vypracovania EA):

Spotrebiteľ energie

Celková ročná spotreba energie priemer za tri roky MWh

Lehota hodnotenia

Priemysel od 5500 do 20 000                                                                 do 31. decembra 2011
nad 20 000                                                                                                     do 31. decembra 2013
Poľnohospodárstvo od 2500 do 10 000                                                                do 31. decembra 2011
nad 10 000                                                                                                     do 31. decembra 2013


We offer audit, that complexy assess current state of lighting system of Your school,hospital, enterprise. Characterizes its weaknesses and suggests possible measures to minimalize operation costs. Whereupon measures we devideon low-cost and investment.


It is a rule, that suggested low-cost and opeartion measures almost immidiately pay back the costs for audit realization.


In case of interest it is possible to continue with the project of lighting reconstruction followed by selection of financial plan and realization of investment measures.

Our projets meets all the criteria asked for lighting:

  • They are optimal in terms of consumption
  • They meet hygiene standards
  • They are not expensive for maintenance