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Offer of Thermovision Measurement service, Energetic audit

Offer of thermovision measurement services

thermovision measurement services, Lightech, Bratislava, Europe

Evaluation of thermivision control happens in two levels: We provide thermovision measurements of switchgears, converter, wiring, LED lights and other devices and its components by using professional thermal imager, including elaboration of professional report.

  • Immediate evaluation (on place)- professional worker identifies malfunction which appears by warming and by using thermal imaginer he takes a picture of device or its part.
  • Detailed analysis– Using a recrod from thermovision measurement we evaluate measured data according to load of devices and its parts.

Thermovision measurement can be done on devices of all voltage ranges: LV, MH, HV and allows:

  • Early detection of malfunctions on electric devices ( current junctions, switchgears, wiring)
  • Reduction of work consuming and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of time when device are out of order
  • Eliminate of unexpected failures
  • Diagnostics of deficiencis of devices and thereby reduction of losses by transmission of electric energy

What is thermovision measurement?

thermovision measurement, Lightech, Bratislava, Europe

Thermovision measurement is act, where we find information by using thermal imager about temperature on the surface of object. This kind of measurement allows to detect a malfunctions,  wears or wrong parts not even of electric devices, but also of building constructions and industrial technologyical devices.

The result of thermivision measurement is graphic record of temperature image of the boject surface – thermogram. By using a mutual comparison of surface temperatures of devices ( between phases, ??? etc.) it is possible to locate places with higher warming, which signalize potential malfunction.

If the malfunction is located then higher temperature can cause higher losses in transmission of energy and accelerate aging of device, alternatively the possibility of damage other devices around.

Use of thermography

  • Power engineering – identification of excessive warming and waste of single current junctions and electronic devices elements (switchgears, compensations, generators, transformers cables and networks of LV,MV,HV)
  • Construction– thermography ans diagnostics can detect critical parts of perimeters of buildings with heating losses, or using of low quality material.
  • Industry– By using thermographic pictures of machines, bearings, engine carbons, terminal board nad any other mechanically stressed parts of machines it is possible to reveal level of wear, stress and in addition to avoid possible malfunctions.
  • Heat industry– damages on insulation layer lead to high heat losses, early aging of wiring and intensifyins of corrosion.
  • Insurance– thermovision measurement of electric parts ( e.g. switchgears) is very often a condition for insurance of manufacturing and technological devices.

Measuring the quality of electricity in LV networks

Lifetime and failure rate of machines and electronic devices parts depend on the network status, therefore its quality. Quality of network can have great influence on amount of consumed electric energy and also break terms and conditions it distribution which can be connected with high fines. All this factors might cause uselessly higher costs and in some cases large material damages. By the term  quality we understand meeting the default parameters of electric energy which are based on standards and recommendations published by machines producers. The network quality od defined in the norm STN EN 50160, which describes and defines characteristics of power voltage, frequency, size, continuous wave and voltage symmetry.

Measuring the quality of electricity in LV networks, Lightech, Bratislava, Europe

Bad network quality might be caused by(sources of disturbing effects):

  • Induction and arc furnace
  • Electric traction
  • Irregular phase load (one phase load)
  • Electric solid-state devices
  • Rectifiers, frequency conventer
  • Thyristor-controlled drives
  • Generators

Bad network quality can cause (consequence os disturbing effects)

  • Flicker of lighting devices- filcker effect
  • Additional heating of transformer
  • Overload of wiring
  • Damage of sensitive devices
  • Corrosion of clamps
  • Bad function of regulation devices and protective parts
  • Additional losses by condensers and rotation devices
  • Additional noise engine and other devices
  • Additional acitve losses
  • Decrease device lifetime
  • Creation of unwanted resonant phenomenon
  • Failures growth of measuring and regulation devices

With measuring network quality we can find find out:

  • Line voltage fluctuation frequency
  • Greatness of supply voltage
  • Supply voltage deflection
  • Fast changes of voltage
  • Supply voltage decrease
  • Shot-term and long-term supply voltage interruption
  • Temporary overvoltage in network frequency between working wires and ground
  • Supply voltage unbalance
  • Harmonic and interharmonic voltage
  • Singal voltage in network superimposed to supply voltage
network quality measuring services, Lightech, Bratislava, Europe
network quality measuring servicesnetwork quality measuring services

Our network quality measuring services include:

  • Power distributions and electric devices reconnaissance
  • Price offer
  • Network quality measurement using analyser of network and other tools at specified points of electrical network
  • Processing and analysis of measured data
  • Darfts of solutions for troubleshooting
  • Drafting a report about measurement
  • Consultation with supplier
  • Supply and implementation