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Lighting design, Design, Concepts & Studies

What is the lighting design?

  • Art and at the same time scientifical discipline which design and implements lighting
  • Lighting design is independet profession different from architects, interior designers, urbanists as well as electro and IT designers.
  • Without cooperation with lighting designer the lighting is not feasible in full range.

Who is the light designer ?

  • Professional, who applies art, science and lighting technology based on his knowledge.
  • Cooperates and coordinates his activity with all professions in project so they can reach common goal and successful realization of project or construction.
  • He is responsible for scene creation, its functionality, design, feeling and health, which light and seeing affect. He is also responsible for the high and low quality of seeing and perception of work space.
  • He is responsible for space safety what is the main role of light for users and observers.
  • He is responsible for enegry eficiency and project sustainability.
  • He is not a part of supply chain in project implementation or manufacturer´s representative of lighting technology. However he has strong connection with important companies in science and lighting technology sector.
  • Light designer cooperates with many other producers on market who are producers of lighting technology and their representatives, scientifical institutions, regulatory institutes, CIE organizations, health organizations, architectonical associations and ECO friendly organization, as well as electro designers, electric companies as well as SKGBC always in accordance to ethical code in clients benefit.
  • He learns and increases his qualification, also he gains skills by practice and shares them with the team of professionals.


Lighting design services

  • To consult during preparation of reconstruction, modernization or new lighting construction
  • To defend investors interests, control of supplier acitivity, and for the standard price get the extra technical solution or conditions of realization.
  • To inform the client with the best possible solutions of lighting reconstruction according to knowledge about the building and lighting system in building.
  • Our goal is to get the best technical solution with the best price and conditions.
  • To elaborate 3 possible solutions for reconstruction.
  • To present available technical solutions, way of lighting and energy management, evaluation of operation costs and investment pay back.
  • To define minimal technical and quality standards for new LED lighting system, including power supply, control, and softwer secure.
  • To evaluate the project documentation of lighting reconstruction with detailed report and informative budget.
  • To define terms and conditions for candidates.
  • To elaborate basis for TENDER
  • To evaluate of offers
  • To produce final report about offers evaluation
  • To supervise autor, quality control, software management
  • To control measurement of lighting and operation parameters, final documentation control.


The role of lighting includes these activities

  • To become familiar with equipment in detail
  • To recognize the investor and his imagination and requirements
  • To become familiar with operation and user behavior, requirements for lighting,design
  • To communicate with architect, interior designer, IT administrator, facility management and to predefine technical requirements for new lighting, determine places for simple change and suggest complex change of lighting system where necessary.

Service contents:

Draw up the concept of reconstruction with goal to:

  1. Maximalize the saving on EE consumption
  2. Increase esthetics,efectivity and expediency of lighting.
  3. Keep the parameters of lighting
  4. Suggest more effective and maintenance-free emergency lighting system
  5. Minimalize planned costs for maintenance
  6. Minimalize the facility management acitivities
  7. Define operation regimes, plans for maintenance.
  8. Define minimal contract terms and conditions.
  9. Reach compatibility of operation system, hardware and software, lighting dimming
  10. Define criteria for energy management of EE consumption and system integration of current EE consumption.
  11. Define minimal technical standards for lighting and operation system for integration SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)  and complex procces management of energy consumption and operation costs of buildings.

CP – Reconstruction concept, savings planning and operation’s costs

Suggestion of alternatives or lighting concepts and evaluate them from the point of view of funcionality,  EE consumption, investments pay back


Create LDM for tender to select supplier of lighting reconstruction and lighting completing, audiovisual systems with possibility of scene remoting from dispatching center and external control panel in main rotunda space.

Based on the optimal solution define minimal technical standards for all corridors including economic and operation criteria. Manual is specific definition and description of minimal conditions and planned savings, investments pay back, operation regimes. This output data are necessary for candidates for objective evaluation of suggested solutions and funcionality in offers.

PRS – Project for reconstruction realization or lighting system construction

Draft of realization project documentation for new electroinstalation of lighting reconstruction with detailed report, bill of quantities, informative budget in work range, solution of switch and protection. Adjustment of places of connection to original wiring and completing the cabeling bus (e.g. DALI) in missing places.

Documentation is delivered in 10 paré, printed and PDF version.

TDR – Tender documentation of reconstruction

Goal:  To create objective and controllable procedure of selection, define objective selection criteria and evaluation of candidates offers by considering offered solution, finanical situation of candidate on the market, skills and references, realization time, realization procedures and specific terms and conditions. If candidate offers better technical and economic solution as defined in tender conditions, he will get higher rating in selection criteria. Everyone reacts to the same criteria and minimal planned savings, same operation regimes, terms and conditions. Every candidates rating is identifiable and quantifiable.

Documentation is delivered in 10 paré, printed and PDF version.

ST – Supplier tender

The main role of ST is objectively evaluate offers, evaluate reports with reccomendation of supplier selection and to complete information to offers if the information is not clear or complete.

Goal: Objectification of offers in technical and price parameters. To reach the best solution quality for the best price, also to achieve highest savings of EE and great terms and conditions. Cooperation with LD is an advantage for client because of higher respect, better conditions of tender and better offer of processing.

Selection criteria

  1. References
  2. Technical solution
  3. Price and investment pay back
  4. Guarantee, terms and conditions

ID – Investors deciding

  1. Evaluation of offers
  2. Final report of offers evaluation

R – Realization

  1. Construction supervision – Control of quality, dates, minimal technical standards, Notice if there is any discrepancy between suggested solutions and reality
  2. Lighting quality measuring, funcionality of operation and softwer- invoice control, control of delivered documentation
  3. Defending the investors interests
  4. Following long-term control regarding to warranty