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Ski resort Čierny Balog Urbanov vrch design and realization of ski slopes

Design and realization of ski slopes in ski resort Čierny Balog Urbanov vrch.

Investor:                 Black Forest Ski Resort s.r.o.

Architect:             LIGHTECH   9/2014

Realization:              LIGHTECH    11/2014      HRONTECH    11/2014

We have developed various solutions of the construction of slopes lighting and lighting standards for the investor. The investor has considered all options and has decided to design the construction of the pavement lighting on existing masts doppelmyr. It was necessary to cope with the different technical rules of cableway operation. The way of power, stability, impacts of shocks during operation and in particular the distance between masts from 80 to 168 m. The seemingly unrealizable concept has proved to be feasible after a short time of calculations, design and simulation. An important condition was that the downhill would not cause the nearby village or surrounding hills and recreational facilities to be lighted.

The second important condition is the steadiness of lighting in the width of the 65 m slope and the minimum glare of skiers.

These contradictory requirements have been achieved with small compromises in a viable solution only thanks to the unique SITECO SICOMPACT MAXI 1000 W headlamp, which has been the best in the lighting of sports fields for many years.

From the viewpoint of the operating conditions, the ski lift and the whole lighting system are exposed to a very frequent phenomenon in the winter during the ski lift operation and during the summer lightning season in the ski resort where the ski resort is located.

The system is constantly under power because the power line is also used for purposes other than lighting. It was necessary to implement a system of control of individual luminaires by means of a remote message via GSM. The ski slope can be monitored through remote access to diagnose its operating states, consumption and switch to different modes. In the event of a power outage or unauthorized switch-off, the LEDs are turned on as emergency lighting. It is a unique emergency lighting solution that increases the safety of skiers in the night skiing.

The masts are secured using various brackets without welding. The brackets form a compatible jigsaw for all types of doppelmayr masts. The great advantage is that they allow the illumination mast to always be aligned vertically and to adapt to the various inclinations of the doppelmayr masts or their displacements.

Lighting solutions are the result of compromises and from the point of view of realization on the border of technical possibilities. The installation took place in November and December without the use of a helicopter. The slope of the slopes is even from 10 to 18 degrees. We had to choose alternative methods such as sliding the crane equipment down the slopes and minimizing the devastation of the sloping surface.

Installation depends on weather conditions and slopes of slopes. If financial resources are not available to build a unified piste lighting system, it is also possible to build the system on the mast towers.

The benefit was to verify teamwork in demanding natural conditions with high demands on technology and consistency in the preparation of workflows, security measures and precision, from design to implementation. Thanks to a high workload, the job was able to start in the winter and end for the beginning of the winter season.