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Lighting of the main square in Zuberec

  • Client: Obec Zuberec
  • Date: 2011
  • Info: Lighting of the square in the village ZUBEREC

Lighting of the square in the village ZUBEREC

Architect:                                Ing. Arch. Čiernik
General contractor:             STRABAG, s.r.o.

The village of Zuberec is a distinctive Upper Moravian village. It is the gateway to the western Tatras.

Thanks to the revitalization of the central part of the municipality financed from the EU Structural Funds – ROP, the long – awaited central zone of the municipality consisting of two parts was created by the tourist public and the inhabitants. In one part there are service operations and in the other cultural and social facilities. The village is one of the most visited centers of winter and summer tourism in the Western Tatras. For this purpose, the company LIGHTECH prepared the project and provided delivery and professional supervision over the implementation of illumination and lighting of the square.