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Reconstruction of ski slope in Levoča

Representatives of the operator and the slopes owner – ARPROG a.s. – asked us to come to review the quality of the skiing center SKI CENTER LEVOČA’s lighting.

As soon as we arrived, we found several drawbacks, such as headlight pollution, incorrect rotation according to the area and slope inclination, a small number of reflectors, high reflector failure, incorrect connection and operation from one supply branch. Measurement also found low-voltage network underneath. Insufficient lighting intensity and very poor lighting stability. We have dealt with the technical and energy audit of the system and have proposed measures to improve the quality of lighting. For the surrounding environment it was very unpleasant to overpass the village of LEVOČSKÁ DOLINA.

The owner decided to significantly improve the quality of the skiing lighting and to increase the safety of the evening skiing. Interest in evening skiing is growing steadily.

We repaired each original reflector, changed its mount on the consoles. We added 45 new lamps to the system, all headlamps equipped with halide lamps 150W streetwise 3000 K. We have made a change of the cable line, repair of the mast terminals and the system has been supplemented by additional earthing. We have developed review reports and installed LED light-emitting diodes for under-light or short-time power failures. We simplified control by changing the wiring and loading of individual strings. Cable failures and faulty clutches have been identified.

We worked under difficult weather conditions and heavy slope but we finished the work at the agreed time before the beginning of the winter season.

It was once again confirmed that consistent maintenance is the most important prerequisite for long-term operation on the lighting system. If the maintenance is undergone, or at the time of the exhibition, the quality of the work is in the short term, there are some failures that require a lot of investment. By properly targeting the headlights, we have significantly improved the lighting quality. It is often enough to make small and easy adjustments to lighting and the resulting effect is a significant improvement in the quality and safety of night skiing.

Despite the fact that all spotlights are only 150 watts, we have achieved the standard of uniformity and the intensity of lighting in the reference sections of the main skiing routes.

We think that the owner has increased the value and quality of the ski center service, which is comparable to the small Alpine resorts.