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  • Client: Filharmonia
  • Info: Filharmonia

Investor:                                   Slovenská filharmónia

Task:                                        Reconstruction of electrical installations and lighting of the interior spaces of the Slovak Philharmony

Architects:                                Ing. Arch. Žákovský, Ing. Arch. Žákovská

Project and realization:                LIGHTECH s.r.o.    2004

In 2004, the Slovak Republic hosted a NATO meeting. On this occasion, all premises where sessions and related sessions were held were renovated.

The subject of the reconstruction was the replacement of wiring and lighting, reconstruction and modernization of crystal chandeliers in all premises, cleaning and re-installation in reconstructed areas.

The subject of the reconstruction was also the replacement of the emergency and safety lighting system in all premises.

Part of the delivery was the design and realization of atypical lights in the cafés and the media center.

Reconstruction of the Maoriousresian chandeliers consisted of their dismantling, the replacement of damaged parts, the cleaning of gold-plated parts, the crystal parts, the complete dismantling and the cleaning of each part, the wiring and the spindle replacement; further in the installation and replacement of halogen lamps OSTAM HALOGEN CRISTAL 45W.

The most complicated part of the contract was the reconstruction of 185 pcs of a bulbhead lamp and three 140 lamps in the main hall. Replacement of the pulley mechanism and addition of the mechanical lock system were carried out. Lusters are of historical value. Interestingly, we found in the archives of the manufacturer in the Czech town of Kamenický Šenov glass crystals and gilded components that have been archived as spare parts since 1908 for these particular chandeliers. It was a hundred years ago to rebuild the chandelier. The luster was so repaired by original pieces. All components of historic chandeliers were hand-made by original technologies. Cleaning was performed by polishing.

Each bullet weighs from 80 to 1250 kg. In the past, chandelier production has been a very prestigious industry, demanding details and precision of production, logistics and assembly.

We are glad to have been able to participate in the preservation and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Slovak Philharmonic.