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Sightseeing tower – Grotta, Dubnica nad Váhom

Investor:                                         Mesto Dubnica nad Váhom

Architect and lighting design:      LIGHTECH s.r.o.

Main Supplier :                       ALMA BAU

Monument supervision:                       Ing. Ružvoňová, Regional Monument Office.

Lighting realization:                  year –  2008

Partner in lighting and building supervision:           Ing. Matuš Vydrnák – MAVYS.

From the side of the city, we were invited to draft the concept of illuminating the historical monument of the sightseeing tower – Grotta in Dubnica nad Váhom. The viewing tower is part of the manor house, the park and the guesthouse.

The lighting design concept was designed to illustrate the interior lighting of the corridors and wine bars with a wine tasting room and outdoor lighting in the three lighting scenes to overlap.

After accepting lighting concepts, the city has launched a tender for lighting. ALMA BAU company started the implementation of lighting and reconstruction work.

The emphasis was placed on the interior and the surrounding area to dominate, highlighting the lines, details and shape of the tower. The tower is very nice, with unique craftsmanship of detail, such as windows stained glass. It looks very clean and nice. On the other hand, the enviroment, which are the walls and the supporting walls and the access paths, should have the character of drama and mystery.

That’s why we chose the positions of lights that highlighted the contrasts of stones and rocks, as well as the unevenness of the masonry.

At the site we have met with great interest for the best possible result of the reconstruction and restoration work.

Part of the reconstruction was also the access path and the reconstruction of the public lighting of 4 masts, we used the MICENAS lantern, which complements the architecture of the place and ensures very effective lighting of the park’s footpaths.

Our task during the implementation was to supervise the proper implementation of lighting, lighting fitting and functionality of lighting.

We think the building was a good demonstration of the cooperation of all the participants, where all the professions have come together and worked on a common result. The ALMA BAU has had a great share of the overall result, with the ALMA BAU Researchers, Resellers, and Residents, who, on a daily and step by step basis, solved challenging tasks to preserve the original look and make a functional historic monument on the other.

Although the tower is freely accessible, the city has not yet faced vandalism.